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This service allows you a free membership at Holy Bible Trivia. To Sign-Up, click on the Sign-Up button located in the menu on the left side of Holy Bible Trivia's home page. When the box appears, enter your desired user name, an Email address (where you can receive your password). After all information is entered, click the "submit" button. This will insure a temporary password will be emailed to the address you supplied.

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This service allows members to customize Holy Bible Trivia to their preference, which includes a personal profile page and individual  score keeping. To use, locate the "Sign In" button found in the top-center menu of Holy Bible Trivia's home page. For first time users, enter your user name and the temporary password that has been emailed to you, then click "enter." This will take you to the "User's Profile Page." Create a permanent password and enter it into your profile. Remember this password to future use of Holy Bible Trivia. Five incorrect sign in attempts will lock you out for ten minutes. If you forget your user name or password, go to the "Help" button to find out how to retrieve your lost information.

User Name

User name must be between 3 to 30 character's


Cannot be .gov or .mil
Will only be used according to profile settings
Verified to ensure upright activity on the site
No spam!
An email with a temporary password will be sent to verify the new email
When the email with the temporary password is received, please sign in with the user name and temporary password. Enter your new permanent password and click on the [Update Profile] button.
Email Notifications:
Only emails from Holy Bible Trivia will be sent.
Contests - Holy Bible Trivia contest, usually for prizes.
News - The latest news about Holy Bible Trivia.
Site Updates - Be the first to know when Holy Bible Trivia rolls on new features on the web site.


The Password must be between 3 to 24 character's

Forgot User Name/Password

Forgotten Password:
Click on the "Sign In" button found in the top-center menu of Holy Bible Trivia's home page. At the bottom of the Sign In information box, there is another button called "Forgot User Name or Password?" Click on this button, and then enter your user name and/or email address, then click "enter." Then a box will appear with your security question, answer your security question and click "enter." This will retrieve your lost password.  If you don't remember the answer to your security question, click on the "Email Password" button. Your password to be emailed to the address on file at Holy Bible Trivia..
Forgotten User Name:
Click on the "Sign In" button found in the top-center menu of Holy Bible Trivia's home page. At the bottom of the Sign In information box, there is another button called "Forgot User Name or Password?"  Click on this button, and it will bring you to a box that will request you to input your email address on file at Holy Bible Trivia or user name. Input your email address, then click "enter." Your user name will appear with your security question: "Security Question for (your user name)."


Personal Information:
Please see our privacy policy. The only personal information required is your email address. Other information, such as a post office or home address, will be used to mail prizes and any requested promotional materials.
Personal Promotional Code:
This is your unique promotional code when referring others to Holy Bible Trivia. Place this assigned code on your I.D. cards and flyers and encourage people to use it when they sign-up at Holy Bible Trivia. This will insure that you are given credit for new members.
Display Options:
This service gives you the option of displaying a top ten list, verse of the day, and/or play pal on your personalized Holy
Bible Trivia home page. Click the boxes of the desired displays for the lists to be included on your home page. If you should ever want to remove or add lists, then click on the boxes to remove or add list and click the "update" button on the Profile Page.
This allows you to have sound on your Holy Bible Trivia personalized home page. To use, click the "on" or "off" button.
Question Preference:
For your area of interest, click on your desired question categories and difficulty levels. There is also an option for the frequency a question is asked you. 
Email Preference:
Click on boxes for emailed information. Options include news pertaining to Holy Bible Trivia, upcoming contests, if you've been removed from the Top Ten List, and a Holy Bible Trivia question sent to you on specific days.
We will not misuse any personal information
Address's will only be used for prizes etc

Contact Us

Holy Bible Trivia is very interested in hearing from you. Following these guidelines will ensure the fastest response to your message.

Suggest Trivia

Why Suggest Trivia
Author Request
Why Suggest Trivia:
To help spread the Gospel and glorify Christ!
View your questions statistics of how many people answered them correctly.
Display your questions on your site. {currently in development}
Get credit for submitted questions.
Author Request:
Steps to request to becoming an author:
Click on the [Suggest Trivia] link located on the menu
Input the name of your home church
Input your declaration of faith (What you believe)
Select your default Bible version
Click [Submit]
A reply email will be sent promptly
Submitting Question Guideline:
Each question should glorify the Lord with it's content and quality!
Be prayerful when submitting questions.
  1. Question need to be worded correctly from the Bible and should not take scripture out of context
  2. Question must be validated with no more than a couple verses from the bible
  3. Question should not contain a personal opinion of scripture
  4. No copyrighted material in question or answer e.g. Coca Cola
  5. Check for proper spelling, grammar and capitalization
  6. A blank should be 3 underscore e.g. ___
  7. Multiple answers should be separated with one space on each side of the pipe character. e.g. loved | Son
  8. Instead of the special character like & spell out the word 'and'
  9. Question should include the question mark(?) when applicable
  10. 'All available choices' and 'None of the available choices' are acceptable choices
  11. The Verses tag should only be used when the answer is the Scripture references. e.g. a)John 3:16 b)Job 1:4 c)Luke 12:1 d)1 John 3:1
Submitting Trivia Steps:
Prior to submitting questions it is a good idea to pray that the questions would be clear and accurate and ultimately glorifying to God.
Please avoid personal interpretation of scripture or taking scripture out of context.
  1. Click [Suggest Trivia] on menu
  2. Look up a word or passage in the Bible {to have the scripture and question correct}
  3. Click the question type to submit from the side menu
    * Multi-Long {}
    * True/False {}
  4. Select scripture reference to the question from the Bible
  5. Add any comment's for administrator (optional)
  6. - If multiple choice submit choices
  7. Select the correct answer
  8. Select all valid categories for the question
  9. Select initial question value
  10. Click [Submit Question]
Submitting Quizzes:
You can start submitting quizzes today and when all the code to display and track scores is complete your quiz will be some of the first to be displayed to the public.
Please note all questions in a quiz need to be of the same Bible Version.
First create a quiz then add your previously submitted questions to it.
  1. To submit a quiz
  2. Click [My Quizzes] on menu
  3. add the Title of quiz
  4. add the Description of quiz
  5. Check the box if you would like the questions to be displayed in a random order
  6. Select the Bible Version
  7. Click [Add to my list of quizzes]
  1. To Add Questions to a quiz
  2. Click [My Quizzes] on menu
  3. Click on the quiz Title or ID
  4. Click Add to include the selected questions
  5. Verify the order of the questions
  6. When the quiz is ready click Submit for approval

Help Wanted

Thank you for your interest in helping. There are many areas for you to get involved. Only together is the body complete.

If you would like to help with any of the following please contact us.
Thank you.

In your profile check all the areas you would like to be involved in.

Submit Trivia

Create challenging Bible trivia questions and quizzes. It is required that every question has a scripture reference.

Graphic Designer

A feature robust web site still needs an attractive interface. If you can see it, please share the vision. Typical image sizes can be found at Link to Holy Bible Trivia.


Press Releases, Newspaper Articles, Emails/Letters, Newsletter, Promotional Material, Radio, and/or Television.


Contact us with any errors found on the web site.

Mission Statement

Holy Bible Trivia's prayer is to help Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, to provide a collection of quality scripture supported Bible questions that challenges, sharpens, and encourages knowledge of the Holy Bible for the young and old, and to sponsor other outreaches for Jesus Christ.

Benefit of Signing Up

Below is just a few of the many reason to create an account

Privacy Policy

Holy Bible Trivia respect your privacy! Please read our complete Privacy Policy.

Terms and Conditions

Creating an account is FREE. All participation on Holy Bible Trivia should be conducted with honesty, integrity, and good will. Submitted trivia may be used by Holy Bible Trivia. Holy Bible Trivia reserves the right to discontinue service at any time.

Promotional Code

Promotional codes are listed on Holy Bible Trivia advertisements. If you do not have a promotional code from an advertisement, then click on the button "Get Promotional Code" This will bring up a list of options. Select the correct option and then click on the "Submit" button.

Holy Bible Trivia of the day

This will be a simple code to copy and past to place Holy Bible Trivia Of The Day on your personal web site.
Fully configure question preferences such as; categories, display options, and how often questions are changed.
Answer will show up in a little popup window without removing user from your site.
Users can have multiple hbtotd each with their own settings
Here you will be able to add, view, or modify your HBTOTD preferences.
Display question now button. This could be used to start a contest.
Style radio buttons square or rectangle
Color Scheme
Categories, including an option for only questions you authored
Highest desired level

Top Players - 1 Corinthians 9:24-25

Display a congratulations when making the list, Have a different Top Ten for each level Display the Top Ten list of users obtained level not playing level. Must be an active member (played logged in in the last 30 days).

Question Reference

Each question is required to have a scripture reference which will include; Bible Version, Book, Chapter, Starting Verse and Ending Verse(optional)
The format of the scripture reference is important so the correct scripture can be displayed